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The Library System has a long history of cultural and educational exhibitions, and makes a special call to artists on a rolling basis for temporary exhibitions that correspond to selected annual themes and/or that highlight the library’s special collections and services.

Additionally, the Vasari Project is an archive that documents the development of the visual arts in Miami‑Dade County since 1945.

For more information about the art collection, exhibition programs or the Vasari archive, call 305‑375‑5599 or e‑mail

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Library Artist-in-Residence Program
Interview with Jacob Brillhart, Rocco Ceo, Victor Deupi

Pablo Cano's Library Exhibition
Pablo Cano To The Eye Behind The Keyhole — 1979‑2016

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Pedestrian 1985 & 2015
Street Photography In Downtown with Liam Crotty and David Spitzer

Current Exhibitions & Programming

Holy Week in Guatemala
By Robert Karafel

June 8 - August 29, 2019
West Dade Regional

Effective Travel Photography

Saturday, August 3, 3‑4 p.m.

Join Robert Karafel for this informative workshop. Learn how to return from your travels with photographs that tell a story of the uniqueness of the places you’ve visited, the kind of equipment to take and how to plan for your trip. Also find out the types of resources available and how to incorporate good composition, light, color and gesture into your photos, including candid vs. posed photos of people, how to interact with local residents, guided trips vs. going on your own, and the importance of deciding when to go and setting goals for yourself. Plus, get tips on what you can do with your photos when you return home and how to share them with others.

Founded in 1542, La Antigua is a small city surrounded by volcanos in southern Guatemala that is renowned for its Spanish colonial buildings, many of which were restored following a 1773 earthquake that ended the city’s 200 year reign as Guatemala's colonial capital. Today, the city, about an hour’s drive from the current capital, Guatemala City, is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site with a population of 45,669 as of 2013.

Each year, visitors from around the world converge on La Antigua during Holy Week, known as Semana Santa, to experience the elaborate Catholic pageantry between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Elaborate, scheduled processions that can be seen both day and night throughout the week are organized by seven local churches. The streets are decorated with colorful carpets, known as alfombras, along the procession routes by local residents. The parade floats, known as andas, can weigh up to 3½ tons and are carried from inside each church through the streets of La Antigua on the shoulders of up to 80 men or women bearers known as cucuruchos. Numerous robed men and women carrying incense burners accompany the processions along with marching bands from each church. This exhibit shows what visitors and residents experience during Semana Santa and provides a glimpse of daily life in the city’s open air markets and streets.

Semana Santa en Guatemala
Por Robert Karafel

8 de junio al 29 de agosto de 2019
West Dade Regional

Fotografía efectiva de viaje

El sábado, 3 de agosto, de 3 a 4 p.m.

Acompaña a Robert Karafel en su taller informativo y aprende cómo regresar de tus viajes con fotografías que cuentan la historia de la exclusividad de los lugares que has visitado, qué tipo de equipo llevar y cómo planificar tu viaje. Obtén información además sobre los tipos de recursos disponibles y cómo incorporar a tus fotos una buena composición, luz, color y gestos, incluidas fotos casuales versus fotos de personas en pose; cómo interactuar con los residentes locales; viajes con guías versus viajes por ti mismo/a; y la importancia de decidir cuándo ir; así como fijar tus propias metas. Obtén además consejos sobre qué hacer con tus fotografías una vez que regresas a casa y cómo compartir tus fotos con otras personas.

Fundada en 1542, La Antigua es una pequeña ciudad rodeada de volcanes en el sur de Guatemala, famosa por sus edificaciones estilo español, muchas de las que fueron restauradas después del terremoto de 1773 que puso fin al reinado de la ciudad de 200 años como la capital colonial de Guatemala. Situada a aproximadamente una hora de distancia de la capital actual, Ciudad de Guatemala, La Antigua es hoy sitio del patrimonio de la humanidad, declarada por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Educación, la Ciencia y la cultura (UNESCO) y en el 2013 tenía una población de 45,669.

Cada año, visitantes de todo el mundo convergen en La Antigua durante la Semana Santa para vivir el elaborado esplender católico entre Domingo de Ramos y Domingo de Resurrección (Domingo de Pascua). Las elaboradas procesiones programadas que se pueden ver tanto de día como de noche durante toda la semana son organizadas por siete iglesias locales. Los residentes locales decoran las calles con alfombras coloridas a lo largo de la ruta por donde pasan las procesiones. Las carrozas del desfile, conocidas como “andas,” pueden pesar hasta 3½ toneladas y salen de cada una de las iglesias para pasear por las calles de La Antigua en hombros de hasta 80 hombres o mujeres, conocidos como “cucuruchos.” A las procesiones les acompañan numerosos hombres con largas túnicas que portan incensarios, junto con las bandas de música, que van de iglesia en iglesia. Esta exposición muestra lo que los visitantes y residentes viven durante la Semana Santa y brinda una mirada a la vida diaria de los mercados abiertos y las calles de la ciudad.

Photographs of Jazz & Blues Musicians
By David Spitzer

From the Permanent Art Collection of the Miami‑Dade Public Library System

May 29 - August 27, 2019
North Dade Regional

Music and photography come together in this installation featuring black and white photographs by David D. Spitzer from the Jazz and Blues Musicians series from the MDPLS Permanent Art Collection. For almost four decades Spitzer has combined his passion for music with photography, amassing an extensive photographic negative and print archive of jazz and blues musicians. The photographs on exhibit capture the intensity and emotion of some of the most legendary jazz and blues musicians taken during their live performances between the early 1970s through the early 1990s.

David Spitzer is a Miami based photographer whose work has appeared in numerous exhibitions, books, periodicals, album covers and compact discs.

See more of Spitzer’s photographs in our Digital Collections.

Close up portrait of B.B. King playing live
B.B. King by David Spitzer, black and white photograph
From the Permanent Art Collection of the Miami‑Dade Public Library System

CUBA: 1930‑1958
Photographs by Dr. Roberto Machado

From the Permanent Art Collection of the Miami‑Dade Public Library System

May 28 - August 28, 2019
Hispanic Branch

Dr. Machado was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1905. He practiced medicine in Cuba for 26 years before he immigrated to the United States in 1960. A physician by training, Machado was also an accomplished photographer who devoted considerable time and passion to photography. His legacy includes over 700 negatives of Cuba created from the 1930s through the 1950s.

These photographs were printed by Cuban‑born South Florida photographer Silvia Lizama. The images on exhibit are from the Permanent Art Collection of the Miami‑Dade Public Library System.

Two women riding on a Harley Davidson motorcycle along side a car
Dr. Roberto Machado, Dos Mujeres en un Harley Davidson, Malecon de la Habana, Cuba, 1950s photograph.

Gleason W. Romer

From the Permanent Art Collection of the Miami‑Dade Public Library System

May 27 - August 29
Miami Beach Regional

Gleason Waite Romer (1887‑1971) photographed South Florida from 1925 until the early 1950’s. Upon his arrival in South Florida, Mr. Romer took a job as a photojournalist for the Illustrated Daily Tab, an early Miami newspaper. Later, when the Tab closed, he became a commercial photographer. He also opened his own photography lab. It’s because of his different occupations and his wonderful eye for capturing a moment in time that we have beautiful and enduring snapshots of life in early South Florida.

A man dressed in white formal attire sitting on a miniature car looking back at the camera.
Gleason W. Romer, Henry F. Ewald: Comedy In Small Auto
Drawing of group of insects
Alberto Meza
Omnivorous Dwellers, 2012
Forgiveness Poem Typeset over collage of abstract shapes and colors
Lea Nickless & Michael Hettich
Forgiveness, 2012
Archival Inkjet Print
Poetry Written Among Abstarct Space
Michelle Weinberg & Denise Duhamel
Sculpture Garden, 2011
Digital Print
Poem Written Inside Silhouette Composited with a Large Field
Lara Stein Pardo & Nadege Green
Tie Your Waist, and Gather Your Strength, 2012
Laser Print
Poem Written Between Abstact Composite of Birds Flying Among Light Bulbs
Joe Nicastri and Astrid Justine Nicastri
She Slips, 2012
Archival Inkjet Print
Poem with Illustration of a Vulture
Birds are Nice and Diane Arrieta
Vulture, 2012
Laser Print
Gary L. Moore and Joanne Hyppolite
They Will C U, 2011
Archival Inkjet Print
Abstract illustration of animal cellular hybrid
Lea Nickless and David Gonzalez
During the Summer Months in Florida, 2009
Carbon Pigment Print
Poem framed by an abstract stary night, birds and set of glaring eyes with a finger pointed to them
Tom Virgin and Campbell McGrath
Propaganda of the Fragment, 2012
Letterpress Relief Print

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