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April 2017

Recommended by Liz at West Kendall Regional Library

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The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau
By Dan Yaccarino

The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau—inventor, explorer, filmmaker and environmentalist—was dedicated to protecting the undersea world. Bold and colorful illustrations by Dan Yaccarino capture Cousteau's energy and charm as well as the beauty of the oceans he loved. Of particular interest are Cousteau’s co‑development of the Aqua‑Lung and his many discoveries of a largely unknown undersea world. His desire to record his ocean exploration led to innovations in underwater photography used in his films and television programs, which shared his findings with the world. As pollution in the oceans began to affect sea life, Cousteau founded the Cousteau Society with the mission to protect the beauty and life of the oceans.

Brightly colored bubbles throughout the book contain quotations from Cousteau. Found at the book's end are a list of important events from his life, and sources to learn more about his invaluable contributions to ocean conservation.

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Charlie and Lola: We are Extremely Very Good Recyclers
By Lauren Child

Charlie and Lola We are Extremely Very Good Recyclers

After visiting Marty's messy and smelly room, Lola is determined to throw out all her old toys and knickknacks. Her big brother Charlie suggest recycling, explaining how important it is to the health of the planet. Lola leads her classmates to enter a recycling contest to earn a tree for their school. With much hard work and a raid on messy Marty's room, the class finds the needed 100 recyclable objects to win the contest. Lola, Charlie and their friends declare they are extremely very good recyclers, a happy ending for all except Marty. The book includes simple, teachable tips to help the planet, including switching off lights when you leave a room and turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth.

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Coyote Moon
By Maria Gianferrari

Coyote Moon

As the moon rises, Coyote leaves her den to seek food for her hungry pups. She stalks her prey throughout a sleepy suburban neighborhood. After a series of failed hunts, Coyote catches Turkey just as the sun rises, unnoticed by all but a little girl who hears Coyote from her second‑floor bedroom. Coyote runs home to her den, and at the end, her pups are full and asleep until night begins again.

Coyote Moon illustrates the plight of wild animals whose habitats are shrinking. The endnotes explain that the highly adaptable coyote lives in all states but Hawaii, and thrive in suburbs and cities. Bagram Ibatoulline's realistic illustrations use the darkness of the night to increase the drama and tension of Coyote’s hunt for food. Along with Gianferrari's lyrical text, Coyote Moon shines a light upon the nighttime world in our backyards.

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The Water Princess
By Susan Verde

The Water Princess

Based on the childhood experiences of Burkina Faso, Africa‑born model Georgie Badiel, The Water Princess introduces children to the global challenge of water accessibility. Each day Princess Gie Gie and her mother make the long and arduous trip to a distant well for water, not returning until nightfall. Though Princess Gie Gie finds beauty in the journey and joy in the companionship of the village women, she dreams of a day when her community will have access to clean drinking water nearby.

The warm browns, yellows and oranges of Peter H. Reynolds's illustrations create a beautiful landscape, despite the intense heat and dryness. Princess Gie Gie's determination and dream of a well for her village is moving and inspiring. An afterword provides information on efforts to bring accessible clean water to the people of Burkina Faso.

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Fancy Nancy
Every Day is Earth Day

By Jane O’Connor

Fancy Nancy Every Day is Earth Day

The popular Fancy Nancy series takes a look at Earth Day and living green with humor and, of course, fancy words. As part of an inspiring Earth Day class at school, Fancy Nancy makes a list of Green Rules. She is shocked to see that her family is not following any of her guidelines. Her family appreciates her efforts and advice, but Fancy Nancy's enthusiasm for the environment begins to get out of control. She lectures her family and takes action on her own, even turning off her mother's computer and losing her work. After a family meeting, everyone agrees that being green is important and that the family will try harder, and Fancy Nancy decides to be a little less bossy. Included are tips for a greener household and a list of Fancy Nancy's Fancy Words.

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