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October 2017

Recommended by Wil at Main Library

The Buried Giant
By Kazuo Ishiguro

MDPLS submitted this novel for the International Dublin Literary Award in May 2016. Kazuo Ishiguro was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature on October 5, 2017.

In this novel an elderly married couple sets out on a journey set in sixth century England where the Britons and the Saxons live in relative peace from recent war. All of the characters’ memories have been degraded by a mist that permeates the land. From the beginning of the novel the reader wonders if what is forgotten can be recovered. Romantic memory often has a blissful loss of reality quality to it, but memories of war usually have the opposite effect. The story takes a dreamlike look at the relationships in marriage and warring cultures then makes the reader wonder what set of agreements do we speak without memory. I nominated this novel because it uses the advantages and disadvantages of memory to make us consider our struggle with personal and cultural differences.

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