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Logging in to Your Library Account

With our newly redesigned website, things are looking a little different on the library catalog, including how to log in to your account. To help with the changes, here are some tips for navigating your account on the library catalog.

To log into your account, click Log In/Register in the My Accounts menu located in the navigation bar.

Log In

To go directly to your Items Out, Requests, Fines & Fees and Saved Searches, click the appropriate submenu items in the My Accounts menu.

Direct Log In

Enter your Username or Barcode (Library Card Number) and Password, then click Log In. By default, My Record will open.

User & Password
My Record

Once logged in, the My Account box will appear at the left side of the page showing your account information, including items out, requests, fines & fees, reading history (if activated) and saved searches. Notes may also appear below your name informing you of requests that are ready for pickup and the number of items overdue.

To view your items out, click Items Out in the My Account menu on the left side of the page or click Items Out in the My Accounts menu of the navigation bar. The same can be done for Requests, Fines & Fees, and Saved Searches.

Reading History can only be accessed through the My Account menu on the left side of the page.

Catalog Navigation

Once you begin searching the catalog, the account information at the left of the page is minimized. To view your account information again, click on your name in the My Account menu to return you to the My Record page. You may also access your account information by clicking My Record, Items Out, Requests, Fines & Fees and Saved Searches in the My Accounts menu of the navigation bar.

My Account

When navigating between the library website and the catalog, click My Record, Items Out, Requests, Fines & Fees, or Saved Searches on the My Accounts menu to return to your account.

Clicking Log In/Register on the My Accounts menu when viewing pages outside the catalog will require you to enter your log in information again, even if your session has not timed out. If your session has timed out, you will need to enter your log in information again, regardless of what option you click.

Catalog Navigation

As with navigating to your account page, there are two options for logging out. To log out, click Logout on the My Accounts menu or click Log Out located at the bottom of the My Account box at the left side of the page.

Log Out