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Library Selects Winner of Teen Poetry Contest

(Miami, FL – May 19, 2014) The Miami-Dade Public Library has selected Daniel Brennan,15, a student of Belen Jesuit Prep as winner of the 2014 Teen Poetry Contest.

Daniel’s poem, “Electric Lethe”, was selected from more than 200 entries in response to the theme “Technology.” He will receive a $100 Best Buy gift card. Second place winner was Neely Woodroffe, 15, of Miami Arts Charter, who receives a $50 Best Buy card, and in third place was Sunny Barboj, 14, of John I. Smith K‑8 Center who receives a $25 gift card.

Receiving honorable mention were Leigh Kerdyk for “ILY”; Kay‑Ann Henry, “Dear Technology”; Anastasia Tishena, “Most Wanted Drug”; Dylan Carol, “Technology”, and Javier Perdomo “Tech is Our Lives”.

Electric Lethe by Daniel Brennan

I cannot help but feel I am sinking
further down into lifeless lights
around me they keep on steady, blinking

Too gladly are we, the electric ambrosia, drinking
glowing up the sky to white out the night
that I cannot help but feel I am sinking

My eyes cut through to see others, pupils shrinking,
until I find them, and their ghastly orbs of vein popped white.
Around me they keep on steady, blinking

And as I stand blind in this pale night linking,
with no success, what we've done and what is right
I cannot help to feel I am sinking

Yet no one moves! No one's thinking!
Just eyes glued to screens in a midday midnight,
around me they just keep on steadily blinking

Taunting towers rise around me as I'm shrinking
Down into Asphodel's eternal blight.
Still around me they keep on steady, blinking.
I cannot help but feel that I am sinking.

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