Exhibitions at the Library

Art Services & Exhibitions Department

The Library System has a long history of cultural and educational exhibitions, and makes a special call to artists on a rolling basis for temporary exhibitions that correspond to selected annual themes and / or that highlight the library’s special collections and services.

Additionally, the Vasari Project is an archive that documents the development of the visual arts in Miami‑Dade County since 1945.

For more information about the art collection, exhibition programs or the Vasari archive, call 305‑375‑5599 or e‑mail art@mdpls.org.

Emilio Sanchez, Botesito, 1950, watercolor on paper. Luis Alonso, Idioma e identidad, 1981, silkscreen.
Emilio Sanchez: Vista al mar
From the Permanent Art Collection

July 3, 2014 - January 4, 2015
West Dade Regional Library

The exhibition consists of works by the late Cuban‑born American artist Emilio Sánchez (1921‑1999), featuring lithographs, watercolors and drawings from the Library’s permanent art collection. Sanchez, a prolific artist who lived briefly in Miami and a longtime resident of Manhattan worked with oils, watercolors, pencil and ink drawings and printmaking. Though he is mostly known for his architectural paintings and his simplified geometric abstractions, Sanchez explored a variety of subject matters from natural landscapes to still lives, urban and rural scenes. Vista al mar includes a series of limited edition works on paper, as well as original watercolors that were influenced by Cuba and the Caribbean where he travelled extensively.

Mr. Munchlee’s Magic Top Hat
Mr. Munchlee’s Magic Top Hat
By Tulia Lulu and Corrie Rice

September 12, 2014 - January 15, 2015
Miami Beach Regional, 2nd Floor Exhibition Space

This showcase of illustrations presents characters and moments from the book, Mr. Munchlee’s Magic Top Hat. In this series, the viewer takes a journey through the world Mr. Munchlee opens with his magical friends to show a little girl how to cheer up and teach her to pass the discovered happiness along. The process of the book was a collaborative work between the imagination of author, Corrie Rice, and the illustrative work of Tulia Lulu (Cristina Rodriguez).

City of Miami Beach 100 Years

Program is made possible by the City of Miami Beach, Cultural Affairs Program, Cultural Art Council.

The Imaginary Beings
The Imaginary Beings: A tribute to Jorge Luis Borges
By Elba Martinez and Edwin Villasmil

September 20, 2014 - January 18, 2015
Main Library, 1st and 2nd Floor

Strange creatures conceived through time and space by the artists’ imagination.
This artwork is a powerful act of our minds, conceiving images or objects that are not actually present or are not real.
The Imagination will take you everywhere.
The exhibition is an artistic collaboration between local eco artists Edwin Villasmil and sculptress Elba Martinez.

Zapaticos de Celia

Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte, Zapaticos de Celia from the Permanent Art Collection.

The Queen Of Salsa: Photographic Portraits of Celia Cruz
By Alexis Rodriguez‑Duarte

September 12, 2014 - February 28, 2015
North Dade Regional

Alexis Rodriguez‑Duarte took these photographs of the late legendary salsa singer Celia Cruz (1925‑2003) during the last 15 years of her illustrious life. The series of black and white photographs captures the “Queen of Salsa” in moments and places few other photographers were granted access. The photographs form a selection from Rodriguez‑Duarte’s 2004 book Presenting Celia consisting of private, backstage settings and onstage performances before rapturous live audiences.


Fernando Garcia, 10,865, detail, 1980, mixed media and newspaper, from the Permanent Art Collection.

By Fernando Garcia
From the Permanent Art Collection of the Miami‑Dade Public Library System

September 13, 2014 - February 28, 2015
Hispanic Branch Library

The Library presents work from its Permanent Art Collection: 10,865 by the late Cuban conceptual artist Fernando Garcia. This seven‑piece installation consists of mixed media on front pages from The Miami Herald; visible underneath is original news coverage of the events surrounding this mass migration, mostly by boats and rafts, from Cuba to Miami. The title of the piece refers to the number of Cubans who entered the Peruvian embassy grounds in Cuba seeking asylum during 36 hours in April 1980. Main Library first showed this work for the exhibition 10,865: Re‑encuentro Cubano '80.

Marclay, Christian. Untitlted

Christian Marclay, Untitled (The Coasters, Janet Jackson, Soul Asylum, You Can Go and Three Mix Tapes), 2008, unique Cyanotype print, from the Permanent Art Collection.

Cultivated Under The Sun, Something Old, Something New
Works from the Permanent Art Collection
Curated by Barbara Young , Helen Kohen and Margarita Cano

December 19, 2014 - March 31, 2015
Main Library, Auditorium Exhibition Space

Cultivated Under The Sun, Something Old, Something New, “is just a sampling of what’s in the library’s art storage, on the inside walls of its buildings, and in the case of Culmer / Overtown Branch, on its exterior walls (Miami artist Purvis Young did the mural). It’s the Library’s way of paying tribute to a community that accepted a fresh idea. Confirmed it, and provided the backing for it to flourish and multiply. By those means the Permanent Art Collection of the MDPLS is a true reflection of the interest of this community, how it grew to know visual art, to support it, to buy it and to give it away for the public good.” – Helen Kohen